At TiggyWigs we are great believers that a balance of healthy diet and exercise is fundamental to a child's well-being and we hope it will also encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle later in life. With this in mind, we offer a full day of healthy balanced food choices and encourage plenty of daily exercise both indoors and/or outside.  


We have a separate open plan kitchen and dining area and we actively encourage the children to understand the importance of healthy eating. We cook all our food on premises and the children can see food being prepared and served. The children are encouraged to discuss the food they are eating, discuss choices, what certain foods do to our bodies and feedback on their likes and dislikes.  


We also openly encourage the development of social skills at the table, show the children how to use a knife and fork safely and help them choose which is the most appropriate cutlery to use for different foods etc. 


The children also use the dining area to participate in the preparation of food and as an example they can make their own pizza using a choice of healthy toppings like sweetcorn, pineapple, ham and tomatoes. They can also make their own wraps or sandwiches and can again choose from a variety of healthy fillings such as chicken, humous, salad, cheese and cucumber. 


We believe that knowing where some food comes from is extremely important and the children can also participate in helping to grow fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, courgettes and strawberries. The children plant them, watch them grow and then hopefully help in washing and preparing them to eat. This gives the children a better understanding of where some food comes from.



Breakfast is offered when the children arrive in the morning and is eaten in our dining room. We offer a varied choice of low sugar cereals which are set out for the children to choose which one they would like. Porridge and toast are also available if preferred.  


Lunch is freshly prepared in the kitchen each day and is a hot meal followed by an appetising dessert. The lunch menu is rotated on a three weekly basis and is changed in the summer and winter. A copy of the menu is displayed on our Parents Notice Board and each day we will let you know how much your child has eaten. We cater for any special dietary requirements your child may have. 


Tea in the afternoon is generally either sandwiches, rolls or wraps with a choice of filling or homemade pizzas with a choice of healthy toppings and salads. 


Snacks are offered twice a day and the children can help themselves to a selection of freshly chopped fruit, carrot sticks, sliced peppers and chopped cucumbers. 


Drinks are available throughout the day and your child will asked to provide their own personalised water bottle. Fresh milk is provided at snack time. 


Babies and younger children can be supplied with our fruit and vegetables in puree form and we will also feed them with supplied baby and follow on milk.  


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Opening Times: 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday

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