TiggyWigs Children's Day Nursery has remained open throughout the Covid-19 outbreak and in line with Government guidelines is currently accessible for the children of 'key workers' only. 


At the beginning of the outbreak many providers simply closed their doors but our staff were all consulted and were happy to do whatever they could to help our 'key worker' parents. Our nursery also volunteered to take the children of 'key workers' from other local settings that had been forced, or had chosen to close.  


Our staff have been absolutely amazing and by following the ever changing Government guidelines we have adapted our practices wherever necessary.


For the children that are unable to attend during the Covid-19 outbreak our staff have provided many online activities and have also taken part in new approaches such as online story telling.


We have tried to maintain contact with all our children as much as possible and the feedback form parents has been amazing.


Although we are still doing as much as we can we are really looking forward to the time when the nursery can return to business as usual.  


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